Receive Text Alerts From Us

Stay up-to-date with AmeriMed Home Care, Inc. events with our new text reminder service! Click “Continue Reading” for more information.

Opt-in to our text reminder service today

Text “joinlist” to: 555888
*Message and data rates may apply, contact your phone provider for your plan details

receive text updates on

  • Timesheet deadline reminders
  • Holiday office hours
  • Payroll updates
  • W-2 mailing updates

Keywords to use with texting service

After you join our list, you can also text these keywords to get the following information:

  • Keyword: payperiod
    • You will be sent information on: the current pay period and pay date information
  • Keyword: hours
    • You will be sent information of: the office hours
  • Keyword: address
    • You will be sent information of: the office address/timesheet mailing address
*Please note: this is a text reminder service only. Please call the office with any requests, messages, or staffing situations.

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