Sometimes you may need to contact the office to have questions or concerns answered.  To insure that your questions and concerns are answered promptly and correctly, we feel that it is necessary that we make our employees aware of our office staff and what questions generally should be directed to which department.

President and Owner of AmeriMed Home Care, Inc.

Lori Fox

Human Resources Department

Victoria Fox – Human Resources Assistant

Some of their responsibilities include general employment, staffing, employee benefits, AWAIR (safety) program, employment verification, and employee relations.  Examples of calls they can assist you with are:

  • Employment opportunities, staffing related situations, time off, vacation requests
  • Employment related topics—paperwork, scheduling, grievances, employee form requests
  • Employment verification, request for wage statements
  • Intake and management of worker’s compensation cases
  • Safety Committee awareness
  • Questions related to employee benefits, insurance benefits

Payroll Department

Lori Fox – Payroll & Employee Benefits Administrator

Victoria Fox – Billing Specialist

This department is responsible for payroll, paychecks, and payroll deductions, employee timesheets, client spenddowns, and billing/receivables.  Examples of calls generally directed to this department is:

  • Payroll questions/information, deduction requests/information
  • Questions related to timesheets, billing, spenddowns
  • Questions related to incoming timesheets/outgoing paychecks
  • Requests for advances, questions/requests for wage garnishments

General Office Operations Department

Lori Fox Payroll & Employee Benefits Administrator

Victoria Fox – Billing Specialist/Administrative Assistant & Human Resources Assistant

This department is responsible for incoming calls, incoming/outgoing correspondence, office supplies, company databases, as well as many other various responsibilities.  Examples of calls that they can assist you with are:

  • Intake of general employee or client information (EX: change of address or phone number, changes to where you want to receive your paycheck, other general information/requests)
  • Forms/Supplies request (timesheets, address labels, employee forms, equipment/gloves)

Nursing/Case Management Department

Sandie Knier, RN – Supervisory Nurse, Qualified Professional

The company supervisory nurses are responsible for supervising the care of the client and the personal care attendants (PCA) providing their cares.  The nurses are also responsible for the client’s medical documentation and PCA evaluations/training.  Calls related to the following should be directed to them:

  • Medical care of clients and PCA care plans (client specific cares)
  • PCA supervision and performance issues (EX: cares not done properly, PCA needs training)
  • Client prior authorizations (approved hours for care), Relative Hardship Waivers
  • PCA Training (classroom and/or “on-the job” training/demonstrations)