Once a client has decided to do business with AmeriMed Home Care, Inc., their personal care needs are assessed by one of our Supervisory Nurses. A plan of care is developed to be utilized as a guideline to provide the client with the services as approved by Medical Assistance, which includes:

  • Bowel and/or bladder care
  • Skin care, bathing, and/or grooming
  • Range of motion and muscle strengthening
  • Respiratory assistance
  • Transfers and/or assisting with mobility
  • Turning and positioning
  • Assistance with self-administered medication
  • Assistance with splints and braces
  • Medical equipment cleaning
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Assistance with food, nutrition, and diet
  • Behavior monitoring/intervention
  • Monitoring and measures of intervention for seizure disorders
  • Accompanying you to medical appointments
  • Homemaking services incidental to plan of care
  • Other services to maintain person health and safety or to complete daily living skills

PCA Job Description

The duties of the Personal Care Assistant are vital to the success of the company and the well being of our clients, due to that fact, the following information should be reviewed and understood.  Each Personal Care Assistant’s job description is client specific and the following is only a general description of some or all of the medically necessary services that may be in the client’s care plan of services to be provided.

It is each PCA’s duty that:

  • They perform only the personal care services specified in the client’s care plan.
  • The PCA should be capable of providing the required personal care services listed in the client’s care plan.
  • The PCA should refer to and make themselves knowledgeable about the clients’s care plan.
  • The PCA should make observations of the client’s health and should bring information of any changes immediately to the attention of the client’s supervisory nurse or office personnel (if their nurse is not immediately available).
  • The PCA should ensure that their records show only medically necessary personal care services provided to the client and should only bill the time spent providing the services and hours that the State of Minnesota MA program has authorized.
  • The PCA should make themselves aware of and respect the client’s Home Care Bill of Rights. (The document with Minnesota’s Home Care Bill of Rights can be found on both of our client and employee resources pages.)
  • The PCA should make themselves aware of what Medically Necessary Covered Services are and are not (as listed above).